Handmade wooden cutting board with handle


Handmade Wooden Cutting Board with handle, crafted in the heart of Ontario, Canada. It is crafted from a combination of solid walnut and cherry wood. This board is a piece of art that will make a statement in your kitchen.

Each board is handcrafted in our small woodworking shop, ensuring unparalleled quality and durability. The natural grains and hues of walnut and cherry wood lend a rustic yet timeless appeal, making it a stunning addition to any tabletop or kitchen counter.

Designed with functionality in mind, this board features a convenient handle for easy carrying and serving. Whether you're using it as a cutting board for slicing fruits and chopping vegetables or as a charcuterie board, this board provides the perfect surface for all your culinary creations.

To ensure safety and peace of mind, our cutting and charcuterie board is sealed with food-grade oil, protecting the wood and preserving its natural beauty for years to come. From intimate gatherings to lavish dinner parties, elevate your dining experience with our Handmade Wooden Cutting and Charcuterie Board.

Item size: length 20" width 12"

Each of our items are handcrafted with great care and precision. Since all items are handmade they are subject to slight variation.  

Because all items are made to order, items are shipped three weeks from the order date.

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