Oak Wooden Tray Riser Stand


Item dimension: length 10 in, width 6 1/2 in, height 2 1/2in 

Beautiful handcrafted oak wooden tray riser stand crafted from lovely white oak wood. White oak has a lovely warm brown tone with a mild straight-grain pattern. With it's simple, sleek design with clean lines pairs well with various design styles.

Our wooden riser tray is excellent for displaying home décor. Style it beside your kitchen sink as a tray for holding soap and scrub brushes, or use it as a small plant or candle stand. Are you looking to add height variation when styling shelves add one of our wooden pedestal stands

Item pictured in color Provincial. 

We take great care and detail in crafting each item. Since each item is handcrafted, items are subject to slight variations.

All items are shipped three weeks from the ordered date.

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